Websites that make your job easy

Look great online, without having to focus on it

what The kahuna does best

Awesome Design

Want to WOW your customers? Let's make it happen.

Easy Hosting

We take care of all the technical stuff, making you look good.

Land You Clients

Custom Ads, in the right place, at the right time. Nice.

Social Media

Be where the people are. Be there when they need you.

but who is the kahuna?

We’re not some sales-only company farming you out to somebody overseas. 


An Art degree, lead designer experience at big companies, actually enjoys talking about color palettes.. If you want somebody who can help design your vision, you got it.
Jodi Luebbers


Has learned several languages that are only spoken by computers, knows about servers and stuff, likes.. doing.. math.. It's nerd city over here.
Lead Developer Sam Luebbers Standing in a Field
Sam Luebbers

how much will it cost?

That depends on what you want. 

Services we do for you, no matter what

Website Review

Your website should serve your customers. It should be easy to use, and give them all the info they need.


We take care of all the server stuff. Hosting your website, setting up e-mail servers, getting those kinds of things off your plate.

SEO Setup

Search Engine Optimization. Google is a tough nut to crack. Luckily, we have some experienced nut crackers.

Basic Kahuna

You’ll get a website that works for you and your customers. You can be as hands on or off as you like.

Everything Else


We can do a ton of other stuff, too. And depending on how in depth you want to go in each of these, they might cost more. Let’s discuss it.

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Awesome Design

Want to WOW your customers? Let's make it happen.